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About Our Company

5M Civil was founded in 2006 for the purpose of providing civil engineering services for private and municipal land development projects in the State of Florida. Our company has built an extensive portfolio of past performance through projects conducted independently as well as in conjunction with partner companies and government entities. 

The color and form of the 5M Civil logo represent the spirit and the services of our company. Our company logo has two colors, with the blue representing the water and the brown the land.  Within the "M," these two colors are connected via the white "5," which brings both land and water together smoothly for pleasing, form-friendly, and functioning infrastructure.  

Our Business Values

At 5M Civil LLC we understand that the heart of a professional civil engineering firm is the importance placed on customer service. We understand that the quality of the manner in which we treat our customers should never place inferior to the quality of the physical project. We understand that our solid people values should shine in everything that we do for each of our clients. Thus, 5M Civil is a service company that performs quick, reliable, and satisfying civil engineering. We do so by providing the following:

  • Free on-site consultations
  • Personalized, direct-to-principal call service
  • Single point of contact entirely responsible for successful execution of your project

Through our unique, highly personal customer service, we strive to not only satisfy the physical business needs of our clients but to also reach out as best we can to the people behind each company.


"Jesus, we appreciate your attention to detail and diligence--thanks!!!!"
-Ed Rice, City of Tampa Project Architect

"I used Jesus Merly for the site civil and to get the permits. He did a great job for us."
-Patrick Allman

All photography directly from 5M Civil, LLC.

Clam Bayou Stormwater Treatment Project Grand Opening

Clam Bayou Stormwater Treatment Project Grand Opening


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Suncoast Community Health Center Brandon

Suncoast Community Health Center Brandon

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